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Pastor Lori Chisholm
Pastor Lori is a dynamic speaker and worship leader, committed to teaching the truth of the Word of God,
revealing the life-changing love of Jesus Christ, and inviting people to walk in the freedom and power
available through a faith relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Her personal testimony is amazing and inspiring: 

Prior to discovering the true love of Jesus, Lori spent her late teens and early adulthood in self-destruct mode.
She is known for saying: “If there was a hole, I fell in it .  . .a pebble, I would trip . . . a crack,  I would stumble.  
And then one night, everything changed.  God revealed Himself to her, and her immediate response was:  
"I've never known a love like this!  Everyone should know this love!"  She surrendered her life to Him, and
nothing has been the same since.  From that day forward, she has continued to discover more and more of
the love and goodness of God.

Lori cannot contain her love for Jesus as she shares His faithfulness and the radical faith He has placed
within her.  She no longer just BELIEVES, but KNOWS the love of the Father, and lives in the reality that,
"With God all things are possible" (Matt. 19:26).

(Check out her first blog entry for more details).

Lori and her husband Mike are the proud parents of 4 children; Kiana, Ian, Ariana and Brianne,
            son-in-law, Ben; daughter-in-law, Amanda; and son-in-law, Charlie.
They also have six wonderful grandchildren: Jadon, Zoe, Declan, Emma,Tobias and Ephraim.
And let us not forget the dogs - Shalom and Israel.  
They reside in Berthoud, Colorado and have dedicated their lives to doing the work of The Kingdom.



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